We’re back! (just for a little)

Screen Shot 2016-03-01 at 6.33.14 PM.png

It has almost been more than a year since we last posted here. Sorry, y’all! Life happened. Haha. Here’s a little video of a Momofuku Birthday Cake we attempted awhile back. We saw this recipe being made on YouTube and wanted to try to make it ourselves because it looked so cute, but we didn’t really have a reason to (even though there’s nothing wrong with baking a whole cake for no reason, hehe). We found the perfect opportunity to make one of these cakes when we realized that one of our friends had a birthday coming up.

Of course, this isn’t our recipe. Ours didn’t really come out as cute as the original… but it’s okay! It tasted pretty good, at least that’s what our friends told us. You can find the original (and more!) riiiiight here. And before you ask, we’re wearing headscarves because the original makers of this decadent dessert would wear headscarves while they baked this, so we thought we would continue on its tradition.

With love, Elaine

(Watch in full screen! or not… I don’t control your life.)

Nenenom | Momofuku Birthday Cake from Elaine Losinio on Vimeo.


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