Pretending like it didn’t happen…

Yo whats good WordPress?! Nenenoms back in the kitchen after a near year hiatus…I don’t know what took us so long…but we’ll make sure to keep up with it more! Starting with a double post feature! Last Sunday Elaine and I conferred that we were going to cook something! She wanted to bake red velvet cupcakes I wanted to make meatloaf. So naturally, we did both.  With her recording and me being…you know…present, she ended up filming the video montage while I had to do the all the sissy baking…

1SIKE, baking is dope son. I feel like a scientist when I bake whereas when I cook its more like art, there doesn’t have to be a set form per say. Plus I have a pretty bad sweet tooth so the reward for me is…sweeter…heh… She did however want to make the cat faces! So I will not be taking credit for that.

(Used Pinch My Salt‘s recipe! There’ll be a day where we make up our own recipe….maybe, haha)

I made one mistake by adding food coloring to the eggs instead of making a paste with the cocoa powder…but that didn’t affect the recipe at large so it’ll be fine, (plus it looked like guts when you whisked it with the eggs, which was fun)

Anyway here’s the video!



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