Yo what’s good wordpress, we’re back online,  I made some meatloaf, it’s about to be a good time.

nes’ boring meatloaf: (serves 4)

1/2 lb ground beef

1/2 lb ground turkey

1/4 cup onion (small dice)

1/4 cup leeks (chiffonade)

1 pint button mushrooms sliced

2 large eggs

s&p tt

Start off with sautéing the onion and leaks with some oil and s&p. 10-13 mins on a mid-low heat. Add the mushrooms and 5-6 more over the flame. Take it off, then let it cool. 😎

pre-heat oven to 350, we’re gonna let the oven cook both things at the same time so have two racks evenly spaced.

Next you’re gonna wanna mix everything else together in a big bowl with your hands… Or a spoon…  Then you can put it into a slicked baking dish. Send it off into the hot box for 35-45 minutes depends on the shape/size/color of the dish. At the last 5 mins pull it out slightly and sauce the top of it with a half cup of it. (Sauce recipe below) Check the internal temp at 35, we’re looking for 155 F since it is ground meat. MIND THE CARRY OVER COOKING. Dry meatloaf is the worst.


So this is a small bulb of garlic that I oven roasted for like 35ish minutes with some olive oil and salt till the garlic got soft and sweet. I mixed it in with some roasted sweet potatoes that I smashed together.

sweet potato smash: (swerves 4)

1lb sweet potato (large dice)

^ dat garlic

2 T olive oil

s&p tt

Boil sweet potato in salt water for 10 mins, it’s just a par boil. Drain and pat ’em dry. Throw them on a baking pan with the oil and a pinch of salt. Bake with the meatloaf 30 mins or till fork tender. Squeeze the roasted garlic out in a bowl, it comes out like toothpaste haha. Smash in the sweet potatoes. Salt/pepper, call it a day.DSC_5664

Here’s some of the leek and onions I sautéed, I made too much so I reserved some for platingDSC_5667

This is what I made the meatloaf sauce out of. Typically a traditional  sauce calls for like 1/2 c of ketchup and 3 T of brown sugar, but we improvised.

1/2 c of the tomato sauce

5 sundries tomatoes (rough chop)

3 T sweet baby rays

1/2 t of each mustard

pretty much a no brainer other than soaking the sundried in 1/4 c hot water first. Add everything together, bring to a boil. DSC_5711

Oh! Here’s the roasted garlic. Doing this to it cuts the bite of raw garlic but keeps all the tasty flavor of raw garlic. I wish I had more shots if the different ingredients but we we’re trying to get the cupcakes out too. Now enjoy laughing at the video with the dainty hands and the dainty music.



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