I remember when I was first born…

Hello! The idea of making a food blog has been buzzing around in our (Elaine&I) heads for a month or two now so when we (err.. I) got around to cooking something, I thought I’d start it off with something a little extra. NAHMSAYIN BRUH? Aight cho, I’mo break it down for you I guess picture by picture or whatever. (Even though it’s probably not the same order I did all)

What we got here is duck breast that I sous vide with out the use of a expensive sous vide machine, cause them things cost like two to four hunned dollahs bro. I also pan smoked it with some green tea and orange peels before I laid it down into a water bath, to give it another dimension of flavor. I topped it with some stone fruit chutney because I think smoked food and fruit flavors go really well together. HAHA I sound pretensions.


So stone fruit is a general term used for fruits that have a pit (or STONE, lol get it?) in them. Today I used plums and an apricot …or is it apricot? Who cares, tomato-tomato nahmsayin? I also threw in a handful of blueberries for that purple color. I cleaned out the bell peppers and peeled the fruit so it would be easier for me to strain when I ran it through the mesh.

DSC_1670DSC_1677 DSC_1680


So before you cook this duck you want to pat it dry, excuse my princess pinky. It got basic seasoning: salt, pepper, thyme. I didn’t want to do too much to it since I was smoking it.

DSC_1687 DSC_1692DSC_1696

So here’s me casting a spell on orange peels that I dried up in the oven at like 300 degrees for like 15 minutes. I also ripped open 2 satchels of green tea bags and threw that in there as well. Now-a-days people aren’t just smoking with traditional hardwoods like maple or cherry. So experiment! (with cooking not smoking drugs.)DSC_1699

Since I was pan smoking it, I only left it in there for like 10ish minutes. The concentration of smoke is much greater due to pan smoking. You also have to factor in the size of the smoker, this little dinky one was smoking up the whole house yo.


Score the skin so it renders that beautiful duck fat, preferably in cross hatches because it looks pretty. But I guess you could draw a face on it if you’d like.


Here’s where the bootleg version of sous vide rigging starts. (I learned a lot of bootleg versions of things in culinary school…) You wanna get a zip lock bag to put the duck in then get out all the air you can, by means of sucking it out via bendy-straw, or slowly lowering it into a big bowl of water, which seems more sanitary.


In that small pot next to the fruit is some quinoa that I cooked in some vegetable broth.  Remember kids, 1 cup of quinoa to 2 cups liquid.


Oop you caught me… I didn’t slice those by hand, but who needs to when you have a mandolin!


So I started the sauce off on low heat and added a couple teaspoons of apple cider vinegar and a splash of some dry white wine I saw laying around. I cooked it out then add like 2 table spoons of sugar. (I’m saying “like” because I didn’t exactly measure everything…heheh) I mashed it cause it looked fun, not because I had too, then I processed it and put it through a fine mesh strainer, to get rid of excess skin, pulp, and seeds which came off the blueberries.

DSC_1721 DSC_1728


Render the fat at like a med-low heat, you don’t want to cook the duck, just crisp the skin.

DSC_1748 DSC_1755

Action shot. HAHAHA peep that lighting… anyway, a quick sautee in a teaspoon of the duck fat did us well for the peppers. A little salt and that was that.


Oh and I guess I never explained how to sous vide on stove top… whoops, well, just look it up on youtube, you can find anything on youtube.


-ElaiNE & NEsly



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